Friday, February 26, 2010

Atheist Agenda is in FULL FORCE

Calling all Atheists, we're back. Atheists from around the world we need your support!

Atheist Agenda of UTSA is sparking so much controversy from religious organizations that are trying to shut us down, and trying to take away our constitutional rights as US citizens.

Follow us to see how and where you can help.

God Bless,

Atheist Agenda of UTSA


  1. Hi,

    please get in contact with me ahintze [at], I own the site:
    pull the plug on theism

    and I have a couple of nice ideas, and we could create some synergy here,

    cheers Arend

  2. May I suggest that you get in touch with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They take on legal cases involving the first amendment, cases like yours.